ModelRight for SQL Server

ModelRight for SQL Server 4.0

ModelRight provides an innovative interface consisting of windows and toolbars
4.0 (See all)

Here are just a few of the features that ModelRight provides:
- Detailed Reverse Engineer of your existing database to visualize and document it.
- Generate the DDL for your entire database with the click of a button
- Compare your ModelRight model with your database.
- Push changes to the database with automatically generated ALTER statements. Import changes from the database to keep your model up to date.
- Compare Models to keep different versions or use one as a "Library Model" or "Data Dictionary".
- Document your database with richly formatted notes, definitions, comments, and revision notes.
- Transparent access to any Model information via XML, ActiveX scripting, or reports.
- Generate HTML reports containing any Model information and linked images of your Diagrams.
- Use ModelRight to switch your schema from one database to another.
- Innovative User-Interface unlike any other data modeling tool in the market. Supports on-Diagram display and editing of any type of object and any property in any order.
- Break up a large model into subsets and have ModelRight automatically maintain them.
- Supports large, complex data modeling and data warehousing projects.
- Web-like hyperlinks provide an easy way to navigate to related objects.
- Customer-focused, Award-Winning Technical Support.

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